Record the time you spend on work, analyse it & organise it for your various projects, with

The online web-application allows you to access the information from anywhere at any time. No software installation required, you access the app via your preferred internet browser.


worked hours

Record the time you spend on your work, add notes and tags to help you analyse your data later.


your tasks

A simple task manager enables you to add jobs so you don't have to think about them until you need to do them, and also not to forget things!


your time & sales

Create invoices and log payments. Add your worked hours in a few easy clicks.


your teams

Store geolocation data at the time of signing in and out, so you know where you or your staff are.


your records

Use the various analysis tools to help you understand your time or to know how much time your staff have worked.


for personal plans

The web-application is free for a personal plan, for ever!



Just enough online tools to help you record and analyse your time.


  • 1 project
  • Basic analysis tools
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A suite of online tools to help you efficiently run your self-employed business.

5  /month

  • 5 projects
  • Advanced analysis tools
  • Invoicing tools
  • 2 months free
    on yearly subscription
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Small Business

Personnel management tools to help you manage your human ressources.

30  /month

  • Manage other users
  • Unlimited projects
  • Pro analysis tools
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